Film-makers on a shoot for the video of the Fatboy's remix of Markus Nikolai are having a bash at immortality...

Film-makers on the shoot for the video to the FATBOY SLIM remix of MARKUS NIKOLAI’s forthcoming single ‘BUSHES’ are attempting to break the world record today (August 9) for the most bikini waxes ever completed.

While some of the shoot was filmed yesterday with a small number of models, volunteers are required today for the attempt – which will be carried out in front of official judicators from the Guinness Book Of Records.

Though a spokesperson was unsure today of the exact number needed to be completed within a limited period of time, he said that members of the public were needed. They will be immortalised in the video and forever associated with Fatboy Slim.

The shoot is taking place in west London at the Topnotch Healthclub in Whiteleys Porchester Gardens.

‘Bushes’ will be released on September 10.