The DJ plays a storming set in Sapporo shortly after England beat Argentina...

Fatboy Slim celebrated England’s World Cup win against Argentina last week with a jubilant live show in the Japanese city of SAPPORO.

The superstar DJ took to the stage of the Zepp in Sapporo on Saturday (June 8), just down the road from the Sapporo Dome where England scored their dramatic 1-0 win the day before. Wearing a Japanese football shirt with a ‘Fatboy 1’ legend emblazoned on the back, he spent his two-hour set kicking two massive footballs back and forth with the buoyant crowd.

Over 1,000 clubbers were packed into the small venue to see Fatboy Slim and his two support DJs Midfield General and Jon Carter. The trio have been touring venues in Japan in cities where England have played their group matches under the banner The Kick And Spin Tour.

They are due to play again on Tuesday (June 11) in Osaka ahead of England’s game against Nigeria. The crowd at the Sapporo gig was made up largely of Japanese fans with a number of British ex-pats, all of whom were charged by England’s earlier win.

At one point in the night, football devotee Fatboy Slim held up a sign, in Japanese, which congratulated the Japanese on a great World Cup. Fatboy Slim‘s mixed-bag of a set included the Kylie/New Order hybrid of ‘Can’t Get You Of My Head/Blue Monday’, ‘Lithium’ by Nirvana and ‘Rock Lobster’ by The B-52s. He finished his show with [/a]‘19/2000’ – an ironic dig at [a] mainman Damon Albarn with whom he has fallen out in a row over production of tracks on the new Blur album.

But there is an injury worry for the tour. During the show, Jon Carter tried spinning across the stage in an office chair, but fell 5ft to the floor. “It’s bloody painful,” he said. But his spokesman said he would be fit enough for the next gig.