The star looks to other styles because of dance music's "fallow period"...

FATBOY SLIM has said he plans to turn to hip-hop for inspiration on his new album.

Slim, who has just returned from Morocco, where he has been producing the new album by Blur, started work on the follow-up to 2000’s ‘Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars’ last month.

However, he said that the current decline in dance music means he may look to other styles for his new record.

“I started it on the first of September,” he told XFM, “And I’ve done about three days work on it since then, cos other things like the Blur project keep getting in the way. As soon as the Blur thing’s done I’m gonna lock myself in the studio.

“Dance music seems to be going through a fallow period at the moment, and there’s not a lot that’s turning me on, so although I’m not saying it’s gonna be a Hip-Hop album, I would be surprised if there wasn’t a larger rap element in the new album.”