Fatboy Slim unveils ‘Rocky’-style Wild Life training video

Run Fatboy, run

Fatboy Slim has unveiled a ‘Rocky’-inspired training video in the run-up to his upcoming headline set at Wild Life Festival. Read our interview below.

The clip sees the DJ legend running from his home, passing some of Brighton’s most famous landmarks before finishing his training on the grounds of Brighton City Airport, where Wild Life Festival 2017 will take place

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What made you want to play Wild Life Festival?

“It’s my manor. It’s literally up the road. Last year I didn’t do it and I had that day off so I could actually hear it! Knowing that all your mates are there and it’s on your doorstep…What I do have to say is when Rudimental and Disclosure started Wildlife two years ago? They actually did get in contact with me and said ‘Norman, we know this is your patch, this is your manor and we know that we’re coming in on it and we should really invite you, and we also know that because you have a history of beach parties and playing at football stadiums and everything, that if we put you on the bill, it will all become about you’. I thought that was really respectful and I said yeah and they were true to their words. They said as soon ‘as we have other headliners apart from us, then you’ll be the first on our list’.”

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When you’re playin,g can you still enjoy things that day or does it mean your kind of in business mode or in performance mode?

“It depends if it’ a gig that’s right on my doorstep – then that takes the travelling out of it! So I could probably mess around with my kids in the morning. It depends. If we’re doing a big show, we know roughly what I’m going to play, we know the hand signals involved and I tell them what I’m really gonna do next. We know the gags we’re gonna use so those ones are actually easier. It’s one of those things that’s like a four hour set. This year, I’m doing a four hour set and part of it goes on for three days straight. I’m gonna put a lot more thought into what I play and how I approach it. You get out there, you take the big tunes and whatever gags you’ve got – you get them out, you whip them out!”

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Wild Life festival takes place at Brighton City Airport from June 9-10 and also features Stormzy, Jess Glynne, Dizzee Rascal and many more. For tickets and information here.


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Performances on the night will came from the likes of Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Ariana Grande, and Lil Nas X