Father John Misty posts extremely tongue-in-cheek ‘rejected’ streaming promos

Josh Tillman definitely sees promo as a bit of a laugh...

Father John Misty has revealed a series of ‘rejected promos’ for streaming service Pandora, in which he roundly mocks the idea of self-promotion.

Posting the voiceovers to Soundcloud, Father John – Josh Tillman – runs through a handful of extremely tongue-in-cheek ‘promotions’ for the streaming service, which are numbered to suggest that there are still more to be uploaded.

In one of the clips, Tillman quips “It gets lonely out on the road, my Pandora mixtape helps me retain some semblance of an emotional existence as I sell myself piece by wretched piece, one t-shirt at a time.”

Another says: “This is Father John Misty, and Pandora wants to promote my tour, and are offering 11 million impressions across their platform in return for not much. It’s a win, both because it’s free tour advertising and marketing, and because my music has yet to catch on on the platform. This is common for bands who are not quite mainstream. Our hope is that it will help me sell tickets and kick-start my music on Pandoraaaa.”

Listen to the ‘promos’ via Soundcloud, below:

Tillman has a history of public playfulness, not least in his recent release of Taylor Swift covers that he says he put together – along with a story about Lou Reed coming to him in a dream – to troll the media.

“I did kind of know what I was doing,” he said at the time. “I did know that it would resonate. But I didn’t expect it to be as resonant as it was… which I found to be kind of disgusting.”

“Here’s the deal,” he continued. “The entertainment landscape, in order for it to be the kind of entertainment that people want, it can’t be timeless. The fact that that [Ryan Adams cover of Taylor Swift] thing came out that day, and turned the thing into an event, that’s what made it take off.”

“The MIDI version of the album, that’s a far more timeless idea – and maybe it’s timely in that it’s addressing this far more drawn out conversation, but the Ryan Adams/Taylor Swift thing was timely in that ‘this is the white-hot’ moment, and that’s what gets people off these days. It’s the same mentality as a tabloid.”