Father John Misty takes tongue-in-cheek revenge on gig goer filming on mobile phone

Josh Tillman went for a comic, up-close second take in Sydney

Father John Misty trolled a member of his audience in Sydney last week, turning mobile phone filming from the front row into a sarcastic part of his act.

Joshua Tillman ‘borrowed’ the phone of a front-row camera-yielder at the Sydney Opera House during opening track ‘Bored in the USA’, Aussie site ‘The Blag’ reports, with Tillman taking the phone and filming himself at very close range.

Finishing the song, Tillman is said to have joked “I don’t think we got that”, before instructing his band to start the track again. “This will only take four-and-a-half minutes,” he told the crowd, but was unable to get through the first line without laughing. Handing the phone back, he commented: “There – it’s just like you were almost here.”


Footage of the incident has yet to appear, though Tillman does have previous for ranting about the use of mobile phones, as captured below (via YouTube):


Tillman’s wit has become renowned within the industry, with his recent “trolling of the media” through a Taylor Swift cover and its accompanying story another example.

“From conception to it being a global news item was like an hour,” Tillman claimed, stating that he decided to cover the songs after hearing his manager listening to Adams’ covers album. He added he hadn’t heard Swift’s originals, although he said: “I’m sure I’ve been walking by a Cinnabon or something at the airport and heard it.”

“On some level I knew that it would resonate,” Tillman added. “By the time I got back to the bus that night, my TM [tour manager] was like, ‘It’s the top trend on Facebook! It’s on USA Today!’ And I was like, ‘This is ridiculous’, so I went and took them down, thinking like, ‘Okay, now that’s over’.”

Taylor Swift’s camp, though, asked for the tracks to be restored.


Explaining his accompanying Lou Reed story, in which he claimed Reed came to him in a dream about the track, Tillman continues: “I was annoyed at the media. I was like, ‘These people will print anything’, so I went and gave them the most fraudulent, the most blatantly absurd, unprintable piece of surrealistic nonsense — and they printed it!”

Father John Misty will play a series of UK dates in May, as follows:

Leeds, O2 Academy (May 11)
Glasgow, O2 ABC (May 12)
Manchester, Albert Hall (May 13)
Gateshead, The Sage (May 14)
Nottingham, Rock City (May 15)
Bristol, Colston Hall (May 17)
London, Roundhouse (May 18)
Southampton, O2 Guildhall (May 21)