Father John Misty deletes his Twitter and Instagram accounts

Could a new album be on the way?

Father John Misty has deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

It is unclear why he has pulled both accounts, both of which he has used extensively this year.

Radiohead previously pulled their social media accounts before the release of their recent album ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’.


There has been no confirmation whether Father John is doing the same, although he did recently keep posting a video of himself in the studio over and over again to Instagram, with various philosophical captions. His Facebook account also still remains online.

The last album he released was ‘I Love You, Honeybear’ in 2015.

Earlier this year he used his Instagram account to “claim responsibility” for the alleged theft of a rose quartz crystal from an LA juice bar.

However, the musician explained in a lengthy post that he rejects the notion that he “stole” the crystal from Echo Park Moon Juice.

“To claim that “something has been ‘stolen’ is in itself a tacit endorsement of the capitalist values that blended superfoods and locally sourced produce stands, ironically, in direct opposition to,” he wrote. “The universe, however you may define her, brought this crystal into my life at what can only be described as a “pivot moment”.”


“While I empathize with your loss,” Father John Misty added later in his posy, “I do believe that there is a larger lesson to be gleaned from this experience: namely that material goods, no matter how sacred, WILL come and go from your life. As a practicing Buddhist I can only advise you to try and remember the crystal is only random phenomena, and if it HAPPENS to find its way into my pocket, and that pocket HAPPENS to leave your store, creating some ownership/theft/possession narrative will only cause you more pain – as you will be attempting to find significance where there is none.”

He recently wrote a new song for the Adult Swim animated show Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepio, entitled ‘This Is America’.

The Brad Neely-created sketch show, which airs on the evening-and-late-night programming block on Cartoon Network in the US, has already welcomed the likes of André 3000 and Minneapolis rapper Lizzo as guests during its first season, which began back in July.

The footage showed Father John Misty in cartoon form, dryly sing about how Americans have some time to kill, so we need a thrill / So we die doing the dumbest shit.

In the video, the songwriter narrates some unlikely and bizarre scenarios where Americans have been killed in the past, with the recurring theme being that every deathly scenario features Go-Gurts (known in the UK as Frubes).

Watch the video below.