Father John Misty has recorded a joke car commercial jingle


Father John Misty aka Josh Tillman has released a joke car commercial jingle, uploading ‘PRIAS COMMERCIAL DEMO 1’ to his soundcloud.

The song could be a dig at other folk artists who usually provide such jingles, with Tillman making plenty of whiskey references and bursts of hey-ho alongside a gentle guitar.

Tillman is obviously a fan of television, as last week he tweeted his own version of lyrics to the House of Cards theme tune, finishing with ‘the blogs are closing in’.




Father John Misty was also interviewed last week on BBC Radio 6 Music during Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie’s show.

During the interview, Maconie asked Tillman about his ‘lothario’ alter-ego and Christian upbringing, with Tillman responding with silence or defensive answers. After the interview, Radcliffe took to Twitter to vent his frustrations about his collegue’s interview, asking ‘What was [Father John Misty] trying to do/be?’. Father John Misty later tweeted, ‘I miss you Lauren Laverne’.

Father John Misty also later shared an email he received, stating his merchandise store had taken their biggest orders to date. Tillman tweeted a screenshot of the email saying ‘If God’s on your side nothing is impossible’.

You can listen to ‘PRIAS COMMERCIAL DEMO 1’ below.