Father John Misty gets covered on The Voice, much to his displeasure…

'Why God, why?

Father John Misty was covered on the latest episode of ‘The Voice’ in the US – before he voiced his upset at the song along with a brilliant but diplomatic response.

Contestant Aaron Gibson covered Tillman’s ‘Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings’ on the singing show, leading coach Adam Levine to say: “Your voice is so special that you have the responsibility to be a singer.”

However, it seems that Misty disagrees. Taking to Facebook for a since deleted post (screengrabbed below by Pitchfork) he simply shared the track with the caption ‘why God why’. He then followed this up with a string of posts, calling for ‘upholding the dignity of the American democratic process’ when it comes to voting in talent shows, no matter how much we might despise them.


“I am happy for anyone to sing any of my songs and it is more important now than ever that we not be apathetic about who we vote for on game shows,” he wrote. “We must uphold the dignity of the American democratic process no matter how little we like the performers therein. Please take the time to get to know people who support contestants that you don’t relate to. It may be frustrating but we must have faith in the innate decency of all people who enjoy The Voice.”



This comes after Misty mysteriously deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts earlier this year.

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There has been no confirmation whether Father John deleted his accounts to await the launch of new music as Radiohead did for ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’, although he did recently keep posting a video of himself in the studio over and over again to Instagram, with various philosophical captions. The last album he released was ‘I Love You, Honeybear’ in 2015.


Earlier this year he used his Instagram account to “claim responsibility” for the alleged theft of a rose quartz crystal from an LA juice bar.