Father John Misty says his new album is ‘reggae-influenced’ and non-political

'I’m proud of how generous this album is'

Father John Misty is readying a new album, the follow-up to 2015’s ‘I Love You, Honeybear’. Now the former Fleet Foxes man has opened up about what to expect.

In a new interview, Josh Tillman says than standalone tracks ‘Real Love Baby’ and ‘Holy Hell’ were “red herrings” in terms of what to expect, and that he’s instead opted for a “reggae-influenced sound.” This being Father John Misty, take those comments with a pinch of salt.

“This album underwent more re-writes than anything I’ve done so far,” he told Q, citing new song ‘Leaving LA’, which spans 15 minutes, as an example.


No guest stars are set to appear on the album — instead he’s teamed up once more with producer Jonathan Wilson. “I met with some big producers and major labels and I realised that it really comes down to pragmatism versus your ideals. And those decisions are only made well if they’re based on ideals.”

Derek Bremner/NME

He added that writing songs for other artists helped open up more possibilities as a songwriter: “I wrote ‘Real Love Baby’ with Lady Gaga in mind and ended up writing one of my most vulnerable songs. Writing for other people is the best way to trick yourself into writing for yourself in some unexpected way that isn’t attached to your vanity.”

“I’m proud of how generous this album is,” he said, stating that the album is “not political” on a personal level.

In November, he released the track ‘Holy Hell’, which took aim at newly-elected US President Donald Trump. He also posted an essay on Facebook, sharing thoughts on the divides created by neo-liberalism and globalism.

Back in December 2016, he previewed new songs at a benefit concert in Seattle. Misty also spoke out against a contestant on The Voice US covering his track ‘Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings‘, when he earlier mysteriously deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts earlier this year.

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There has been no confirmation whether Father John deleted his accounts to await the launch of new music as Radiohead did for ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’, although he did recently keep posting a video of himself in the studio over and over again to Instagram, with various philosophical captions.