Father John Misty thinks Lana Del Rey is a “genius”, reveals he’s “never heard” The Smiths

The singer also reveals his favourite Beyonce song.

Father John Misty took part in a Twitter Q&A last night (March 19), answering questions from fans.

Questions covered the likes of Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande, Lorde and Kanye West. Father John Misty also claimed that he’s “never heard” The Smiths or an album by The National.

In the tweets, he said he “would come out of pop writing retirement” for Ariana Grande. He also said that Lana Del Rey is a “fucking genius” calling her “one in a mill”. You can see some of the Q&A below.











The Q&A came after he released a series of satirical new tracks on SoundCloud under the title ‘Generic Pop Songs’.

Three new tracks were uploaded, ‘Generic Pop Song #3’, ‘Generic Pop Song #9’ and ‘Generic Pop Song #16’.

In the tracks, Misty draws heavily on and parodies popular chart music tropes. These include the ‘millennial whoop’, the euphoric build of club hits, and piano ballads.

The lyrics are simplistic. In ‘Generic Pop Song #16’, Misty sings, “You make me what I am/Better or for worse/Listen or recurse, it’s you and me.”

The tracks are not scheduled to be included in the artist’s upcoming album ‘Pure Comedy’, out April 7th.

Misty has also been highly active on Twitter following a hiatus since September 2016. He broke his silence to write “hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaatweetytweet” and “tweetings the best”.

Misty, real name Josh Tillman, has been a contributor for a number of popular artists, including Kid Kudi, Beyonce and Lady Gaga. He also appeared as a cult leader in the music video for Lana Del Rey’s track ‘Freak’.