Father John Misty trolls Taylor Swift with statement denouncing music bloggers

The musician has distanced himself from the blogging community after Swift allegedly threatened to sue a music blogger

Father John Misty has trolled Taylor Swift in a now-deleted Facebook post following the news she allegedly threatened to sue a music blog for comparing her to Hitler.

Culture and politics blog PopFront published a post titled ‘Swiftly to the alt-right: Taylor subtly gets the lower case kkk in formation’ in September. The blog post dissected the lyrics of Swift’s recent single ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ and its music video, suggesting that they were “a defence of white privilege and white anger”.

Following the blog post, editor Meghan Herning says she received a letter from Swift’s legal team, demanding that PopFront “immediately issue a retraction of a provably false and defamatory story about Ms Swift, as well as remove the story from all sources and cease and desist from publishing or disseminating it”.

Swift has been criticised online for failing to publicly denounce white supremacists in reaction to the blog. Misty gave his satirical take on the issue earlier today, posting a statement on Facebook denouncing music bloggers. See it above, via Stereogum.

“Unnecessary as this may be, it’s come to my attention that my music has been adopted by a certain online faction that has seen fit to interpret and present it via its own ideological prejudices,” he wrote.

“Though I am in no way affiliated with this group and have made numerous attempts to distance myself from its rhetoric and agenda I still feel the need to roundly denounce it, so with the help of my legal team and much prayer, here goes: music blogging is and always has been entirely unacceptable in a civic society — as is anyone who claims to be a music blogger or associates with music blogging.”

The post concluded: “Music blogging’s very foundation is inequality — pathologically bent on sustaining the supremacy of one class of music over another based solely on its immutable traits. It is unwelcome here. Thank you all very much.”

Meanwhile, the tracklisting for Swift’s ‘Reputation‘ has allegedly been revealed. The album, which is due for release on Friday (November 10), will reportedly not be immediately available on major streaming services.