Father John Misty defends Nickelback: ‘I will ride for them’

Joshua Tillman reveals his love for 'How You Remind Me'

Father John Misty has spoken out in defence of Nickelback, hailing ‘How You Remind Me’ as a ‘fucking great song’ and declaring that he ‘will ride for them’. Watch our video interview with Joshua Tillman above.

Tillman was speaking to NME after he came across the recent events in which Chainsmokers were referred to as ‘The Nickelback of EDM‘ – before both bands responded by covering one another.

“I will ride for Nickelback, OK?” Tillman told NME. “Because this whole Chainsmokers thing I read about recently, when I was wasting time on the internet, and someone wrote some article about how horrible Nickelback is or something.”


He continued: “‘How You Remind Me’… That’s a fucking great song. Have you heard that song? It’s great.”

Asked what it was he loved about the song so much, Tillman replied: “I don’t know. That’s the problem with the internet and social media and stuff: the stuff that you like, you can’t say what it is that you like about something. If you like something, it’s supposed to be beyond the intellectual. But I will ride for Nickelback – I want that on the record. ‘Farmer John Misery – I ride for Nickelback’.”

Nickelback themselves have often been the butt of many jokes and criticisms. Frontman Chad Kroeger’s wife and pop-punk star Avril Lavigne recently hit back at Facebook boss Mark Zuckberg for ‘bullying’ the band, while, Canadian police were recently forced to apologise after ‘threatening’ to use Nickelback’s music to punish drink drivers – while the band spoke out in response to a dig from Royal Blood who slammed them and compared them to Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, Father John Misty releases his new album ‘Pure Comedy’ on 7 April. He will also headline End Of The Road festival alongside the likes of The Jesus & Mary Chain, Mac DeMarco, Band Of Horses and many more at Larmer Tree Gardens from 31 August – 3 September.