Foo Fighters fan’s father recycled tickets for secret Frome gig after believing they were junk mail

Band announced Glastonbury headliner news at the surprise show

The father of a Foo Fighters fan recycled their tickets to the band’s secret Frome gig last week after thinking that they were junk mail.

The US band announced that they will be headlining this year’s Glastonbury Festival during a surprise gig at the Cheese and Grain bar in nearby Somerset town Frome last Friday (February 24).

Prior to the show, the band had mailed airplane-style boarding passes to fans, which operated as their gig tickets.

Speaking to Somerset Live outside the gig last week, one fan said: “My dad got tickets – the boarding passes – last Saturday. He didn’t realise what they were for and so he recycled them.”

“Later he told me that he’d received these mysterious boarding passes and so I thought we were all going to the gig. So come last night I texted him saying let’s go to the Cheese and Grain and he tells me he’s recycled them. I give him about three or four hours worth of ear ache for it including multiple cuss words.”

Luckily, however, they still managed to get in to the gig: “I told him to try his luck, being nicknamed ‘Jammy’, so he emailed the Foo Fighters Facebook page and they promptly emailed back and checked him in. You gotta love the Foo Fighters Facebook page.”

Foo Fighters tease extra-long Glastonbury setGetty

During the gig, the band hit out at Trump supporters and stated their plans to play an extra long set at Glastonbury.

Along with the Foos, Radiohead have also been announced to headline Glastonbury. These are the bookies’ favourites for the final Glastonbury 2017 headline slot.