Look forward to lots of songs about sun, sand and sea...

FEEDER have reassured fans that they won’t have to wait much longer to hear new material.

Singer Grant Nicholas has revealed that he has already written 14 songs for the new album, the follow-up to 2002’s ‘Comfort In Sound’.

“Everything’s coming along nicely. I’ve written about 14 songs so far, and I’m aiming for 20 before we go into the studio. I’ll then pick ten and that should be the record done and dusted. We’re just chatting to possible producers at the moment before starting work on my demos,” he told XFM.

Nicholas was also keen to reassure fans that there would be a Feeder release before too long, adding: “I’m hoping we’ll get something out before the end of the year, be it the album itself or a single to precede it.

“The demos I’ve already recorded are sounding pretty good, so we’ll probably use them as the foundation for the studio work, but we’ll have to see how they progress. I wrote a fair amount of lyrics when I was on holiday on the beach, so you can expect lots of songs about water, waves and sand!” he revealed.

But it’s not all good news – Nicholas said that apart from a recently confirmed show at London’s Hammersmith Apollo as part of Carling Live 24, there are no concrete plans for any more Feeder shows this year.

“We’ve got no plans to play any other shows this year. Well, maybe one – but no festivals! Depending on how the rehearsals go, we may try and play one of the new songs at the Carling gig, but I want to hang on to most of our new tunes for the album,” he said.

[/a], [a] and Starsailor are among the other bands set to play Carling Live 24 – a marathon of shows across the capital beginning at 7am on May 1 and finishing 24 hours later.