Police believe Jon Lee's work schedule led to problems at home...

Tragic Feeder drummer JON LEE may have hanged himself because of major marital problems, detectives investigating his death believe.

Officers at the Miami-Dade Police Department have revealed that 33-year-old Lee made a desperate final phone call to his wife, Tatiana, before hanging himself from the rafters of his garage with a dog chain.

A suicide note was pinned to his shirt and another had been stuck to the

garage door.

A police spokesman said: “It seems to have started with a simple case of

homesickness. Jon wanted to live in Wales because it is where he is from and because Britain is where he spent much of his time due to his career. They were separated for long periods while he was on tour.

“When he came home he’d accuse Tatiana of being unfaithful. We believe he committed this act to get back at her.”

Investigating officer Detective John Parmenter of Miami-Dade Police Department said the couple, who have a two-year-old son, Cameron, had major relationship problems because of Feeder ‘s work schedule.

He told the Western Mail newspaper: “They were having quite a lot of marital disputes and it hadn’t helped matters that he was away so much of the time. To us, it’s pretty black and white that this was a suicide,” he said.

Jon’s funeral takes place at 10am on Friday (January 18) at St Mary’s RC Church, Stow Hill, in Newport. He will be buried at St Woolas Cemetery, Stow Hill at following the ceremony.

Lee took his life last Monday (January 7).