'Just The Way I'm Feeling' goes back a week...

The release of FEEDER‘s new single has been delayed by a week due to a manufacturing fault.

‘Just The Way I’m Feeling’ – the second single from the band’s latest album ‘Comfort In Sound’ – was scheduled for release today (January 6) but over 25,000 copies had to be recalled when a fault was discovered at the last minute.

“It’s been a nightmare,” frontman Grant Nicholas told Radio 1. “We had all the singles all made before Christmas so we could put them in the shops. 25,000 copies of it are knackered.


“There are glitches all the way through it. So we’ve had to pull them all back in. It’s happened and we can’t do much about it.”

The band’s record label Echo tried to re-stock over the weekend but the sheer numbers meant there wasn’t time to correct the error so the single will now be available from next Monday (January 13).

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