Feist to take a break from music

Leslie Feist says she needs to get her bearings

Feist has said that she plans to take a break from music following the end of her current Canadian tour.

The musician – full name Leslie Feist – told Canadian Press that following the success of her last album ‘The Reminder’, she felt she needed to step away from the pressures of the music industry to consider her next career move and “rest for a minute”.

“[My career] has become kind of large and it really began for me very, very small,” she said, “like me alone in my bedroom with my four-track and a pair of headphones.


“I just need to go back there for a while to get my bearings again and then know what to do next. I just need to let it rest for a minute.”

She added that she had no plans to play again with Broken Social Scene – the Canadian collective she was once involved in. “It’s not really as interesting for me as it once was,” she said.

“[It] would be like a reunion to be able to hang out with everyone – but I can do that around a kitchen table too.”

Feist‘s last scheduled gig of 2008 is set for the Confederates Centre Of The Arts in Charlottetown on November 10.


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