Fender announces new Joe Strummer signature guitar models

Introducing the Joe Strummer Campfire and the Joe Strummer Esquire

Fender has announced two new signature guitar models for The Clash frontman Joe Strummer: the Joe Strummer Campfire and the Joe Strummer Esquire, both available today (March 30).

Fender’s new models were created “as a tribute to the diversity” of Strummer’s music, the manufacturer said in a press statement. The Joe Strummer Campfire acoustic guitar (£449) is named after the series of campfires he regularly hosted at Glastonbury Festival, a tradition continued in his wake with its popular Strummerville section.

Watch Fender’s demo video of the guitar below.


The Joe Strummer Esquire (£14,149) is a “faithful reincarnation” of the guitar Strummer used in The Clash, during the eras in which ‘London Calling’ and ‘Combat Rock’ were released. This edition of the Esquire was crafted by Fender’s boutique manufacturing brand, Fender Custom Shop. Only 70 units have been made available globally.

Fender announces Joe Strummer signature model guitars
Courtesy of Fender

Alongside the guitars, Fender has released a line of Joe Strummer accessories, including a replica of his favourite guitar strap, a signature cable, a “Know Your Rights” strap, and a “Know Your Rights” pick tin.

“Joe’s Fender guitars were a huge part of his life and, of course, his music,” said Lucinda Tait, Joe’s widow, said in a statement.


“Now feels the right time to collaborate with Fender on these commemorative guitars, as we take a moment to reflect on everything Joe and his music achieved. Joe would be immensely proud of them, and excited to hear what they can do in the hands of music lovers around the world.”

Strummer’s solo works were recently compiled in the greatest hits album ‘Assembly’ released last Friday (March 26), which was a curated collection of singles, fan favourites, and rarities.

The release of Strummer’s posthumous compilation came with an animated music video for a previously-unreleased live rendition of ‘I Fought The Law’. Watch it below.

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