Could Olympic ‘weather controller’ create rain-free festivals?

Chinese technology used to halt the rain at the Games…

A new method of controlling the weather at UK festivals could be on the way – after Olympic Games officials in Beijing managed to prevent rainfall during the opening ceremony in the Chinese city on Friday (August 8).

The Independent reports that organisers used a new system which involved firing 1,100 rockets into the sky before the ceremony, preventing rain over the Bird’s Nest stadium, which had been forecasted.

The rockets controlled the weather by inducing rain from clouds before the clouds got near to the stadium. The rockets induce rain by releasing particles that cause water vapour to freeze, then fall from the sky as rain.

Since reports of the weather control system were published music fans have e-mailed NME.COM to suggest that the system be used over here to help create rain-free festivals.

Many festivals, such as Glastonbury 2005 and 2007, have been marred by huge downpours, resulting in muddy fields and making for very difficult conditions for fans.

However, it seems unlikely that Michael Eavis and fellow festival organisers will be investing in the technology until its cost comes down.

According to the organisers the weather control system costs “millions” of pounds to run.