Sunrise Festival ticket holders urged to swap tickets

Fans can go to Big Chill but must switch tickets in advance

Fans with tickets for the Sunrise Celebration Festival which was cancelled earlier this month due to torrential rain are being invited to attend the Big Chill.

As previously reported, the Big Chill is resurrecting Sunrise by giving them a stage at their August 1-3 event.

Those existing Sunrise ticket holders can now swap their unused tickets for a Bill Chill Ticket, but it must be done in advance.

“We think that some of our ticket holders don’t realise the offer exists and others just assume that they can turn up on the gate at the Big Chill and make the swap there,” organiser Michael Hanby told NME.COM.

“But we need them to contact the people they got their ticket from and make the swap as soon as possible. In doing so, they help save the festival and ensure their place with us, in our own separate field with its own separate entrance.”

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