It could be another boiling festival season, with a “three-month heatwave” predicted

Could we be on for a repeat of last summer's sunshine?

British festivalgoers look set for another roasting festival season, with above-average temperatures predicted from at least May until July.

A three-month heatwave could begin with temperatures of up to 28 degrees in May, as warm air arrives from southern Europe in what’s known as a ‘Spanish Plume’. It’s set to hit the UK on Saturday (May 4).

Speaking to The Sun Online, the Met Office confirmed that they’re expecting a hotter than average summer – but said that they still can’t guarantee a repeat of last year’s record breaking heatwave.

“Although it’s not yet possible to predict exactly how hot it will get in coming months, the long-range outlook is currently looking on the warmer side over the coming weeks,” a spokesperson said. “The forecast is based on probabilities that are averaged over the whole three month period.

A festivalgoer shelters from the sun

“So it’s a little bit like odds on a horse race – it’s not saying other outcomes are not possible, but that on balance over the three months we are slightly more likely to have warmer than average conditions. It’s not saying hot days, necessarily; it might be milder nights, for instance.”

It follows news that this year’s Glastonbury festival is likely to enjoy hot and dry weather.

The Met Office’s Alex Deakin said: “The longer range, three month outlook is suggesting that higher pressure is more likely than lower pressure, and higher temperatures are more likely than lower temperatures.

“A trend towards some finer weather as we go into early summer, but of course, any individual spell of hot weather can’t be forecast at that kind of range. The trend does look dryer than average.”