Scrub the mud off your wellies and make cash...

GLASTONBURY mud has appeared for sale on the Internet and is fetching bids of up to £360.

Several festival goers have scraped their wellie boots clean and put the mud – which was in abundance at this year’s event (June 27-29) – on the online auction site, eBay.

One seller boasts: “Freshly scraped from the boots of my son this morning. Having squeezed his way to the first two rows to see Oasis, Damien Rice, Keane, Paul McCartney, [a][/a], Muse and a host of others, he’s now come back home smelling and stony broke!!”

They explain: “This mud was “collected” from the front two rows of the Pyramid Stage mainly while these great bands and others played their hearts out.

Stored in a plastic bag ( with the of piece of straw and grass for company) this should arrive nicely damp with the early Glastonbury dew still soaking into it (we left there at 7.15 this morning).”

But if you’re stuck for what to do with a clump of dirt, the seller adds the advice: “Buy it, treasure it and love it. Keep it in your window box or find that special place in your garden….plant your own seeds in it and watch them flourish!! Tell your friends you’ve been to Glasto and here is the proof!!”

An artist is also selling a 4cm by 5cm chunk of Glastonbury earth in a frame which is currently fetching a less impressive £3.10. A 500ml bottle of “slightly runny, silty, brown, clay-based” mud from the Healing Fields is available to take home for just £1.