Michael Eavis talks about his plans post 2004…

MICHAEL EAVIS has told NME.COM GLASTONBURY will take place next year and he’s already got two headliners sorted.

This year’s event has been declared a massive success, with crime down and no major repeat of the mudbaths of 1997-98, despite rain throughout the weekend.

Speaking to NME.COM this morning, Eavis said that Paul McCartney’s slot was one of his all time highlights, and he watched the show from the side of the stage with the Gallagher brothers and Travis star Fran Healy.


He said: “I know I say it every year, but it does get better, doesn’t it? It’s getting better all the time. I’ve really enjoyed myself so much. McCartney was the show of a lifetime. I was on the stage with the Gallagher brothers. Liam was there, and Fran Healy was there too. There were only about six of us up there because we weren’t allowed up there. I’ll never forget that for the rest of my days.

”McCartney was all full of cuddles, he was affectionate. He was thrilled about it and excited and proud of what he’d done. I think it was better than David Bowie in 2000! It has to be the one, really. I don’t think you’ll ever compete with that.”

Eavis said that managing to get a headliner like McCartney showed they were “really serious” about the long-term future of the event.

He continued: “We’re in it for the long haul, I think. (Having McCartney) has made a difference. It has done already actually. I’ve been approached already (for next year). I do the headliners and I’ve got the Saturday night headliner but I’m not going to tell you who it is!”

Eavis said next year’s headliner was of a similar status to McCartney, but denied it was the Rolling Stones. All week there’s been rumours that U2 are interested in playing in 2005.

The final day of the festival will be headlined by Muse, and also see appearances from Morrissey, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Orbital and a festival first – the English National Opera.


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