Two of the most popular new bands around go down a storm...

Huge crowds gathered outside the NEW TENT this evening (June 26) to see LAS VEGAS four-piece THE KILLERS play their first set at GLASTONBURY.

Fans pushed to get inside the tent despite the rain to hear the band play hits such as ‘Jenny’, ‘Somebody Told Me’ and last single ‘Mr. Brightside’.

Even a lighting failure at the end of the gig didn’t phase the band’s triumphant debut, with the crowd cheering the band to play set closer ‘All The Things That I’ve Done’ in the dark.

Speaking to NME.COM before the gig frontman Brandon Flowers commented: “We’re just finding it all really new. We’ve never played anywhere like this before, it’s absolutely massive, we’ve just been to the Lost Vagueness looking for a piece of home. It took us about 45 minutes to walk there, which is ridiculous. The closest thing we’ve played is Coachella, but that’s really not like this at all, it’s about a third of the size.”

The Killers were followed by Chichester’s Hope Of the States, who played to a slightly smaller but adoring crowd.

The band played tracks from their debut album ‘The Lost Riots’ including ‘The Red The White The Black The Blue’, ‘Black Dollar Bills’, and ‘Enemies / Friends’, finishing with vocalist Sam Herlihey thanking the crowd, gushing “We will never, ever, forget this feeling, thank you all so much for your support.”

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