The solo star buys a pair of new wellies in time for his sunshine-drenched Other Stage slot...

BRENDAN BENSON says he enjoyed his second GLASTONBURY experience today (June 26) – but he compared the site to Vietnam!

The much-heralded Detroit singer-songwriter spoke to NME.COM after his sunshine-laden Other Stage performance, which was rapturously received by the mud-encrusted punters.

Benson admitted he was delighted with the reaction to his set, which included his classic singles ‘Spit It Out’, ‘Tiny Spark’, ‘Metarie’ and ‘Cold Hands Warm Heart’. “It was really nice”, he admitted. “Some people even made a big banner saying Biggest Fan (the title of one of his songs).”

The star, who bought a new pair of wellies for the occasion, said he was disappointed not to be hanging round afterwards. He revealed: “There is lots of stuff I want to see – Van Morrison, Brian Wilson, and some stuff that is really popular over here like Ian Brown, I’d like to know what all the fuss is about.”

He added: “It’s a shame I’m not staying. This festival is easily the grimiest, the most hardcore. It’s like Vietnam. Most of the European festivals have better facilities, better dressing rooms, but this is the one most artists want to play.”