But the good news is, crime has fallen...

Fears of a muddy GLASTONBURY are once again a reality but there is some good news – crime is down by almost half!

Music fans waking up on the second day of this year’s event, which will see a headline appearance from Paul McCartney tonight(June 26), have been greeted with rain clouds this morning. The rain started falling in the early hours and has been persistent since, meaning that mud is already starting to form in parts of the site.

According to the latest reports the rain is unlikely to clear today, although tomorrow should see some improvement.

However, reported crime at this year’s event is very low, meaning organisers could be heading for their ‘safest’ festival in recent years.

Avon and Somerset Police say that by 8am this morning (June 26), crime remained low with a 45 per cent reduction in the numbers of reported crimes, excluding drug offences.

Excluding drug offences, there were 62 reported offences, compared to 112 at this stage in 2003.

Including drug offences, there were 121 reported offences, compared to 196 in 2003 – still down 38 per cent.

Arrests currently stand at 83, compared to 126 in 2003. Fifty-five of these are for drug offences with the others offences including five for theft and seven for assault.

There have been two reported robberies, but these are the only robberies currently reported this year.

The biggest fall in crime remains robberies, thefts from tents and assaults.

There has been 21 reported off site crimes, of which 14 were drug offences.

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