It might be muddy, but nobody appears to be breaking the law...

Crime is down by almost two thirds at GLASTONBURY, according to the latest police figures.

As of Saturday evening (June 25), excluding drugs offences there had been 45 crimes reported to police, which is down 57% on last year. Of those offences, two were robberies, there had been 12 reported thefts from tents, four vehicle break ins and five assaults.

Including drug offences, there have been 180 crimes reported, which means that 75% of all reported crime is drug related. In total there have been 78 arrests. Again, this is down on 2004.

Currently there are no further details of the death in a festival campsite on Friday evening. Police are waiting for the results of a post-mortem on the man, who is believed to be 25 years old and from Somerset. Currently, the death is not being treated as suspicious.