But the band tell NME.COM they weren't worried about facing Coldplay…

RAZORLIGHT have completed their headlining set on the OTHER STAGE tonight (June 25) – playing new songs for the first time.

Despite been pitted against Coldplay the band declared they were not fazed by that fact and it clearly showed.

Talking about the competition, singer Johnny Borrell told NME.COM: “I think it’s quite nice isn’t it? I think it’s worked out quite well. I might stop our set halfway through and see what they sound like. But you’re always up against somebody aren’t you?”

Bassist Carl Dalemo added: “I don’t mind really. It’s the same audience but it’s not the same music. If you like listening to quite slow songs then you should probably go and listen to Coldplay and if you want more excitement then you should come and see us.”

When asked who he thought were the better band, Dalemo said: “I’d rather listen to Razorlight than Coldplay. I like them – I think they’re a good band.”

Last year at Glastonbury saw Razorlight open up the Sunday at the event on the Other Stage, with the band not even being listed on the bill.

This year they topped the bill, with Borrell commenting beforehand: “I don’t know what to say – I’m just really looking forward to playing. It’ll be a good contrast. It’ll be nice to get up onstage in front of a lot of people and do our thing.”

He added: “It’s the best festival in the world and it’s the first time we’re ever going to play a festival in the dark.”

This evening’s Razorlight show saw several new songs, including one written just this week.

Dalemo revealed: “One song we just learnt this week called ‘Let The Whip Come Down’, though it might not be called that in the end.”

Another inclusion in the set was ’Kirby’s House’ – named after drummer Andy Burrows’ nephew.

The band played the following songs:

‘Rip It Up’

‘(Don’t Go Back To)Dalston’


‘Rock N Roll Lies’

‘Keep The Right Profile’

‘Up All Night’


‘Which Way’s Out’

’Kirby’s House’

‘Golden Touch’

‘Leave Me Alone’

‘Let The Whip Come Down’

‘Stumble And Fall’

‘In The City’

‘Fall, Fall, Fall’/ ‘Milk’

‘Somewhere Else’

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