And, of course, the band tell us all about their amazing milestone...

ELBOW made a piece of festival history today – in the form of their new single.

The band, playing mid-afternoon on the Pyramid Stage (June 25), recorded a live version of album track ‘Grace Under Pressure’, to be turned round this weekend and released next month.

Singer Guy Garvey told NME.COM: “I’ve no doubt that the recording won’t do the feeling any justice, but I don’t really care. It’s good fun, and as long as everyone in the crowd had it as well.”

The track has a special significance at Glastonbury, since part of the original was recorded here. Two years ago, playing the Other Stage, Garvey asked the crowd to sing a line he just made up, ‘We still believe in love so fuck you’, which was recorded and became the finale to the album version of ‘Grace Under Pressure’.

“There was really no prescience involved at all,” Garvey explained. “I’d thought about getting them to sing something the first time, and it worked, and we didn’t know we’d be booked again or anything like that, because you can’t see two years ahead. So when we found out we thought it’d be a really nice way of thanking people for singing it, because realistically, the line that the crowd sing, ‘We still believe in love so fuck you’ was the first thing that was written on ‘Cast Of Thousands’, so it seems a really nice way to end the whole thing.”

The new EP will be backed with new track ‘Waving From Windows’, “which is quite an abstract piece”, as well as a BBC Radio session version of ‘Not A Job’ and the original version of ‘Grace Under Pressure’.

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