The band look forward to their biggest festival appearance to date...

KINGS OF LEON have spoken about their biggest festival appearance yet at this year’s GLASTONBURY.

The band will play on the Pyramid Stage later tonight (June 25) before Oasis’ headlining slot – a stark comparison to their debut set at the event last year on the New Stage.

Singer Caleb Followill told NME.COM: “We’re on Glastonbury’s big stage having to play with the big boys right now. Last year, I believe it was our first festival ever, so this is a year later and I guess I’ll see how we’ve changed.”

Fans can expect to be treated to the debut performances of new songs taken from the Kings’ forthcoming second album ‘A-Ha Shake Heartbreak’ – the follow-up to 2003’s ‘Youth And Young Manhood’.

”We should be playing seven or eight songs… we have to fill an hour and fifteen minutes,” Caleb joked. “I’ve been nervous all day – hopefully we can pull it off .”

Kings Of Leon have been seen throughout the day hanging around the backstage bar and chatting to friends and fans. Sporting their newly cut hair and shaven appearances, the band kept cool from today’s sweltering temperatures by wearing T-Shirts and suit jackets.

Despite earlier enjoying performances from Wilco and Bright Eyes, the band will not staying for the whole of the festival, saying: “We’re just here long enough to come down really. I think we’re leaving in the morning so we’ll be down long enough to soak up the Glastonbury experience.”

’A-Ha Shake Heartbreak’ is due to come out in the UK later this year and is likely to include the tracks ’Soft’, ’King Of The Rodeo’, ’Dale Blues’ and ’Razz’.

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