Frontman Alex Kapranos says his last experience at the festival is one best forgotten...

FRANZ FERDINAND’s ALEX KAPRANOS has told NME.COM he’s determined to make up for his first ever GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL, when he had an experience to be forgotten.

Speaking backstage to NME.COM today, the singer said that his first festival in 1993 was great, apart from the fact he wrote off a car belonging to his girlfriend’s dad.

He said: “I first came here when I was about 18. It was about ten years ago and The Velvet Underground were playing. I came down with some friends at the time and my girlfriend at the time, and managed to convince her parents to lend us their car. I wrote it off on the motorway on the way back, just outside Lockerbie. So my memories of Glastonbury are good, tinged with a little bit of sadness. I never came back again. Maybe I can write off two cars this time!”

Alex said that in actual fact, the band are enjoying the sunshine at this year’s festival, although they won’t be on site for long before jetting off to Germany for another festival.

He continued: “It’s going to be amazing. The atmosphere and the people, it’s just fantastic. Everyone’s really relaxed and having a fantastic time. The sun’s shining, you couldn’t really ask for any more. There’s some great bands playing as well this year.”

Franz Ferdinand play the Other Stage today at 7.20pm.

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