The Ash frontman is looking for a mate…

ASH’s TIM WHEELER has declared his intention to get married tonight (June 25) at GLASTONBURY.

Fresh from their appearance on the Pyramid Stage, Wheeler told NME.COM that he’s going to head up to the Lost Vagueness field’s spoof wedding chapel.

”I’m going to head up there and tie the knot with someone tonight,” declared the singer. “It doesn’t matter who, I’m just going to get hitched!”

Wheeler added that he intended to make the most of their time on site as the band are off to France tomorrow.

”I think my tour manager will have to attach a homing device to me for tonight,” he said. “Otherwise he’ll find me face down in the mud.”

Wheeler, a festival veteran, added that he didn’t think conditions on site were too bad this year.

”It was much worse in 1997,” he declared. “That was like the Battle Of The Somme or something. This isn’t too bad.”

For a full video interview with Ash check out NME.COM in the week.