The band declare Glastonbury appearance beyond their dreams…

The KAISER CHIEFS have declared this year’s GLASTONBURY the greatest experience so far for their band.

Speaking to NME.COM after their Pyramid Stage performance today (June 25), singer Ricky Wilson couldn’t hide his excitement at playing the festival.

“Our big ambition was to play at the Leeds Festival last year, and so everything this year has been an extra,” he declared. “Things keep coming in, supporting U2, Live 8 and now Glastonbury, you think ‘Fucking Hell!’ but you kind of coast threw it. Then you have little moments when you suddenly realize and you think ‘What’s going on? We’re an indie band from Leeds!’. Today was one of those moments, and it’s just great to play.”

The band played an energetic mid afternoon set which saw mass sing-a-longs to ’I Predict A Riot’, ’Oh My God’ and ’Everyday I Love You Less and Less’.

The set also saw Wilson dive into the masses for a spot of crowd surfing, before being joined onstage by an inflatable green dinosaur that was being passed amongst the audience.

Talking about the attention of playing the Pyramid, Wilson declared he loved every minute of it.

”People talk about pressure, but it’s not at all,” he said. “I don’t feel pressure because we’ve achieved so much. When we were unsigned that’s when we had the pressure. Paying a fortune coming down to London and hoping A&R men would come and see you, that’s pressure. Now we’ve achieved so much, it’s fine I’m happy. Today was brilliant.”

The band played the following “selection from our greatest hits”:

‘Na Na Na Na Naa’

‘Saturday Night’

‘Everyday I Love You Less and Less’

‘Born To Be A Dancer’

’Hard Times Send Me’

‘I Predict A Riot’

‘Caroline, Yes’

‘Time Honoured Tradition’

‘Modern Way’

‘Oh My God’

’Take My Temperature’

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