And the mud-clad punters back him all the way...

BOB GELDOF made a guest appearance at the GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL today (June 25) to highlight the MAKE POVERTY HISTORY campaign – and the thousands who came to see him backed him all the way.

The Live 8 organiser encouraged everyone watching to hold hands with the person to their right in a show of unity, and to chant ‘Make Poverty History’ as they did – and the crowd responded in a major show of strength, with the G8 summit in Scotland imminent. Geldof is among those campaigning for the rich and powerful nations of the world to drop the debt owed by African nations as they battle extreme poverty.

Introduced by festival boss Michael Eavis, Geldof told the crowd: “Twenty years ago I was on this stage with the band I was in one week before Live Aid. And once again one week before Live 8 here we are. It’s been a long journey, but we are going to get there.”

He added: “Next Saturday (July 2) some of you will be with us at Hyde Park but a lot more of you can’t be there. So go to the parks in the nearest city where the big screens are, watch on television or on the Internet, because this is the final leg on the long walk to justice. Glastonbury begins that last push.

”To die of want is an intellectual absurdity and it is morally repulsive.”

Live 8 takes place in a number of cities, including London, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Berlin and Rome. The Long Walk To Justice concert follows in Edinburgh on July 6.