The weather almost ends the band’s festival…

NINE BLACK ALPS have told NME.COM they almost became a victim of the weather yesterday (June 24).

Following their packed performance on the John Peel Stage the band admitted the gig had been a bit hair-raising as they were unable to use any of their own equipment.

”Our van got stuck in the mud so we could load in,” singer Sam Forrest explained. “We had to borrow equipment from everyone else, so for the first few songs we weren’t really sure what was going on.”

However the band managed to make do and put in a solid performance for the large crowd that had gathered to see them.

”It was a bit like a bungee jump,” added drummer James Galley, “you don’t have any control but after a couple of songs we got into it and it went ok.”

The band are now staying on site to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

”We just want to see as many bands as we can,” explained Forrest, “plus we’ve found a free bar so we’re going to have a good time.”