The band claim that their pulled Pyramid Stage set was ‘karma’…

THE SUBWAYS have spoken out about their cancelled PYRAMID STAGE performance which was due to take place this morning (June 24).

As previously reported on NME.COM, the first two bands on the Pyramid Stage (The Subways, Adjagas) and Other Stage (Black Bud, Dead 60s) had to have their sets pulled after torrential rain caused ankle deep flooding around the stages leading to health and safety concerns.

Speaking to NME.COM, The Subways singer Billy Lunn said: “We just feel sorry for everyone who got up at eight to come and see us and we’re really sympathetic and apologetic.”

Bassist Charlotte Cooper added: “It’s a really weird thing to say that we couldn’t play today because of the lightning – it’s really strange. But it’s really good that everything got sorted for The Undertones so everything else could go on as planned. We’re lucky in that we’re playing the John Peel Stage tomorrow (June 25).”

Lunn revealed his first reaction when he heard the news of their cancellation, saying: “As soon as I heard I thought ‘This is karma’ – there’s someone up in the sky, some Nordic god is telling me ‘You’re not ready, come back after a few albums’. Our first album hasn’t even come out – it’s a pretty big step and we like to do things organically anyway. It’s almost a blessing as much as it is a curse.”

With The Subways playing the John Peel Stage tomorrow as well as an acoustic set being lined up, the band are glad to be back at Glastonbury – the festival which launched the band last year when they won the Unsigned Performers Competition.”

Lunn explained: “Everything was building up and then Glastonbury just felt like the spark – the gun powder was set. Being here again is almost like coming home.”

For a full video interview with The Subways from this year’s Glastonbury, check NME.COM later this week.