“We had a stream running through our tent,” one festival-goer tells NME.COM...

GLASTONBURY punters have been forced in hundreds to uproot their tents due to the torrential rain that has flooded the site.

Festival-goers woke up this morning to a huge thunderstorm which left many tents underwater and also caused the cancellation of sets by The Subways, Black Bud and The Dead 60s.

”We had a stream running through our tent,” bedraggled camper Simon Waters told NME.COM. “We were in a current. I woke up this morning to find everything leaking and my clothes were soaked.”

He added: “It was like a waterbed. We’ve moved for a bit of drier ground.”

Speaking as he set up camp again with his friends, Waters explained that he did momentarily consider going home.

”Now the music’s started we’ve decided to stay but it was getting silly,” he said. “We’ve left some friends in the water. You’ve got to stick it out though – it’s all part of the fun. I was queuing up for the wellies earlier – unsuccessfully – and I saw more torrents of water.”

”If it keeps raining then we’ll be a dab hand at moving on again!” he quipped.

Another camper Shaunie Brett said: “I feel sorry for those people waist deep in water – I guess we’ve been lucky. But you’ve got to do your best haven’t you? See how it goes.”

The rain has now stopped at Worthy Farm but the has left much of the site still underwater.

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