Glastonbury organiser speaks to NME.COM...

GLASTONBURY boss MICHAEL EAVIS has told NME.COM that he fully expects the festival to continue as planned, despite a torrential downpour this morning (June 24).

As previously reported, much of the site has been flooded after a huge thunderstorm hit in the early hours.

Many bands’ sets have been affected, with the Pyramid and Other Stage sets delayed until midday.

Speaking to NME.COM, Eavis said the main issue he had to deal with was helping festival-goers who had pitched tents on low ground, and had found their tents under water.

He said: “What’s wrong with a bit of rain? Is it going to be alright? Of course it is! We’ve had two inches of rain and we’ve got to get some tents moved. The tents that are wet have got to be moved, that’s the only problem, they’ve got to go on higher ground. We’ve not closing any of the campsites, just moving the wet tents to higher ground.”

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