Organiser Michael Eavis drops hints for next year....

U2 and PRINCE are wanted for next year’s GLASTONBURY festival by organisers.

Although Glastonbury 2004 is not yet even underway, organiser Michael Eavis has announced that he wants the two musical legends on the bill for 2005.

Eavis said: “I’d like to get U2 headlining for next year and I’ll be making a phone call to them.”

He told Virtual Festivals: “I know they like to do their own thing but, then again, so does [/a], and they don’t come much bigger than him.”

Eavissaid: “I might also try Prince again. We approached him for this year and he seemed interested but in the end he couldn’t make it.”

Fans will start arriving at the Glastonbury site from tomorrow (June 23), in anticipation of seeing headliners [a], Oasis and Muse.