The summer of 2006, how was it for you?

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The summer festivals may be winding up to their climax, but NME.COM wants to get you into the party mood one more time.

We want to know what you got up to this summer? Which festivals you went to? Which bands you loved? And what did you get up to in your tents when no one was looking?

All you have to do is take out 2006 Summer Survey.

This is not only your chance to praise what you enjoyed the most about this summer, but you can also influence what happens next year by telling us which bands you want to see playing at the festivals and what improvements you’d like to see for the summer of 2007.

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The results will appear in a future issue of NME soon. However if you want to remind yourself what happened this summer in the meantime, go to NME.COM/festivals now to look back at our coverage from all this year’s major events.

Plus check out the next issue of NME – on newsstands nationwide from August 20 – for the ultimate review of the Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds Festivals