The metal gods put on a sensational show in Glasgow...

METALLICA put on a stunning performance to bring the first night of the SCOTTISH DOWNLOAD festival to a close last night (June 2) in GLASGOW, with a two-and-a-quarter-hour long set that left not one of the 16,000 fans disappointed.

The metal veterans, whose last gig in the city was eight years ago, were in an obviously cheerful mood as they played an 18-song set as the climax of the first afternoon’s Download bill on Glasgow Green, with lead singer James Hetfield declaring jubilantly: “Glasgow – Metallica is with you!” after the opening volley of ‘Blackened’ from 1988’s classic album ‘…And Justice For All’ and ‘Fuel For Fire’, which set a dramatic opening scene with pyrotechnics.

While drummer Lars Ulrich was so full of energy he kept bounding out from behind his kit to egg on the audience, Hetfield joked and chatted with the crowd throughout the set. When a Scottish Saltire flag was thrown on stage during the first encore he picked it up and draped it across his amp to huge cheers from the audience, who were by now being drenched in a downpour.

Earlier in the day, HIM played their cover of Chris Isaak’s hit ‘Wicked Game’, while Korn, whose singer Jonathan Davis performed in his customary black leather kilt with sporran, threw in a nod to headliners Metallica with a cover of their song ‘One’ from ‘And Justice For All’.

Slipknot had also performed in the afternoon, and their lack of pyrotechnics was more than made up for by their variety of new masks and energetic performance.

Only two arrests have been reported, while fans commented on the great atmosphere. Lewis Andrew, 14, said: “It’s been really good. Slipknot were pretty good, and Metallica are sounding great, that’s who I’m really here to see. There aren’t enough real rock festivals. I’ve been to T In The Park seven times and it’s a lot lighter. This is really heavy and it’s good.” His friend David Adam, also 14, added: “All my favourite bands are playing, I can’t wait to see The Stooges and [a][/a] will be good. I used to love Korn but they’re going a little bit pussy for me. Metallica are rock legends! The atmosphere has been really good.”