The band test out new tracks at their first UK festival appearance this year...

The 35,000-strong crowd at the HOMELANDS FESTIVAL were given a sneak preview of THE MUSIC’s second album on Saturday.

The band played a teatime slot, performing before the Scissor Sisters in the Live Arena.

Taking to the stage to unexpectedly large applause at the predominantly dance event, the four-piece combined a hits set with four new songs. ‘Welcome To The North’, ‘Freedom Fighters’, ‘Bleed From Within’ and ’I Need Love’.

NME.COM grabbed an exclusive interview with the band minutes before their Homelands debut.

Chatting in their backstage dressing room over chocolate biscuits and sandwiches, singer Robert Harvey said: “This album’s much darker than the last. I don’t know why!”

The Scissor Sisters, Dizziee Rascal and Faithless also played Homelands.

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