If you're going to Glastonbury, that is...

ELBOW will record their new charity single at this year’s GLASTONBURY – and they’re giving you the chance to sing backing vocals on it.

‘Grace Under Pressure’ will be the last single to be taken from second album ‘Cast Of Thousands’. Part of the original version was recorded at Glastonbury 2002. Singer Guy Garvey asked the crowd to sing the line ‘We still believe in love, so fuck you’, which was recorded and used on the album track.

For the single version, the song will be recorded live and released for charity on July 5, just days after it is recorded.

Garvey told NME.COM: “That was the first line written on the album and it was written at Glastonbury. We thought it might be a neat little thing to end it at Glastonbury as well. So the single’s gonna be themed on the festival, which is everyone’s favourite time of year. We’re gonna get everyone to sing again and It’s such a high turnover we just go in with a direct recording and whatever happens we’ll put it out.”

The single will raise funds for the charity MAG – the Mines Advisory Group.

Garvey explained the organisation’s work. He said: “In the first year since the Iraq war, MAG cleaned up their millionth landmine in Iraq. That’s in one year, that’s an incredible amount of work. It’s very easy to get figures of how many people have died, but it’s very difficult to give figures of how many people would have died if MAG weren’t around doing what they’re doing.”

Elbow play the Pyramid Stage mid-afternoon on Friday June 25. br>