A spokesperson for the band claims their bassist was hit in the eye...

THE RASMUS have walked off stage at CARLING WEEKEND: READING after being pelted with bottles and mud.

Eyewitnesses at the gig have told NME.COM that as soon as the band came on stage, objects started flying towards where they were playing. One fan had a banner which read ’Burn The Rasmus’.

A fan claimed: “People were throwing bottles and mud. There was so much shit on the stage! A few bars into ’Guilty’ they stopped playing a walked off stage, which was within the first couple of songs.”


A spokesperson for the group told NME.COM the decision to leave the stage was made after bassist Eero was “hit in the eye”.

Bands scheduled to play after The Rasmus include Green Day, 50 Cent, Placebo and The Streets.