But they've sorted everything out so Leeds should be fine...

SUPER FURRY ANIMALS frontman GRUFF RHYS has explained the difficulties which led to the band’s set being cut short at the CARLING WEEKEND READING FESTIVAL last night.(August 27)

Having a drink at the backstage bar, Rhys explained why the band only managed to fit in nine songs before the 11pm curfew forced them to finish.

“We couldn’t play quite a few of our songs yesterday because we weren’t allowed to run over, but hopefully tonight we’ll get to play them all. Yesterday was a shambles, all of our equipment blew up, we had a projector planned and everything. Hopefully it’ll all go well tonight and the machine can keep it together like we have to.”

Rhys also hinted that there might be a repeat of last nights guest appearance by Goldie Lookin’ Chain. Though already confirmed by the GLC, Rhys simply commented that “Wales is always one big gangbang.”