Yesterday's streak shock didn't go far enough, apparently...

ASH have given NME.COM the lowdown about yesterday’s shock streaker episode with HAR MAR SUPERSTAR.

The podgy popster shocked Ash fans by getting up onstage and stripping down to his underpants during ‘Kung Fu’.

But arriving in Leeds today, singer Tim Wheeler said: “He’s just a tease. He didn’t actually go the whole way. He was down to his underpants but no-one saw his cock.”

“That was the biggest crowd he’s ever performed in front of as well,” added bassist Mark Hamilton, who suggested the stunt to Har Mar in the first place. “I thought he’d just do a bit of a dance, but then he got down to zip. Any excuse for that boy.”

This year was the punk champions’ sixth time playing Reading and their third in Leeds. “It’s always the best festival in Reading,” said Tim. “I think we’re getting the hang of it now, it’s not as intimidating or nerve-wracking as it used to be. We get up and enjoy it now.”

Today will mark the end of a busy festival season for Ash, who have been riding the success of their album ‘Meltdown’ and guitarist Charlotte Hatherley’s solo ‘Grey Will Fade’.