Hot live action from SFA, GLC and Dirty Sanchez...

GOLDIE LOOKIN’ CHAIN have given NME.COM the inside story on their surprise appearance with SUPER FURRY AMIMALS last night.

Last night (August 27) at the Carling Weekend Reading Festival, the Kappa rappers got up during SFA’s Radio 1 Stage headline slot and performed ‘Motherfokker’, something which they plan to repeat tonight.

And today in Leeds, we caught up with crewmember Mystikal to hear the full story: “We were in Reading last night, we were hooking up with the Super Furry Animals because they are the greatest band on the earth, there was a security man who was very unpopular with the Chain backstage, we had some kind of permits on, or passes as I think they’re known in the trade, he wasn’t gonna let us on the Super Furries stage and he was gonna jeopardise the future of fun and enjoyment for everyone in the whole world ever.

“However, we challenged the said security man and said ‘what it is mate, there’s 15 of us, there’s one of you – we’re gonna walk past you and see what you do’. It wasn’t meant to be some form of crap urban poetry, but that’s how it was recited, we walked past and then shortly appeared backstage for the Super Furry Animals, a security supervisor stepped up and started trying to manhandle us out of the tent. However, we wrestled him to the ground, gave him a few kicks in the face, and went on to do a song with the Super Furries. It was fucking fantastic.”

Meanwhile, the GLC staged a collaboration of their own on their Main Stage opening slot today when they were joined by the Dirty Sanchez crew.

As the band reached the show finale ‘Your Mother’s Got A Penis’, members of MTV2’s Welsh sicko crew appeared at the side of the stage later joining in with the chorus.

Speaking to NME.COM after the show, 2 Hats commented on the show: “I felt alive! I nearly broke my neck trying to do a forward roll on stage, but that’s all part of the job.”

The feeling was mutual for Eggsy who said: “He might have done a sex wee as well, but that’s something that happens to every man.”

At Reading yesterday the GLC special guest was NME hack Tim Jonze.