Somebody should have told the crowd at Carling Weekend: Reading festival...

The 5678’s rounded off their British mini-tour with a triumphant set at Reading festival.

Early risers flocked to see the lo-fi trio, who have become a big hit since they featured in the Quentin Tarantino movie Kill Bill, perform a 30 minute set.

The band swapped their trademark yellow outfits for glittery costumes as they marched on stage to huge cheers.

The Tokyo trio’s version of ’Woo Hoo’, a huge campfire anthem, drew the biggest cheer as the crowd sang in tandem with the group.

Speaking after the show, singer Yoshika Fujiyama, nicknamed Ronnie, told NME.COM: “It feels very weird. We didn’t expect ’Woo Hoo’ to become such a festival anthem. We were very surprised that the British public and people worldwide picked up on it so much. It is now very famous in Japan too.

“It is strange the way the British public have taken to us because it never happened in Japan.”

The singer also said she was surprised how Tarantino first picked up on the band.

She added: “We were really shocked that he took so much interest in us. Before we were in ’Kill Bill’ we were a very underground band in Japan.

“It was really funny how he discovered us. He was trying to buy the CD from this little store and the girl behind the counter wouldn’t sell him the record because it was their only copy. She just didn’t know who he was. She told him to go to Tower Records to buy it. But he was flying out of the country. In the end she gave in to him.”