Alex Kapranos speaks exclusively to NME.COM…

FRANZ FERDINAND wowed a small crowd with an intimate backstage gig at the READING festival – and have also revealed they’re playing yet more new songs during their proper set later today.

NME.COM caught up with singer Alex Kapranos backstage at the NME Signing Tent. He said that the band would play up to three new songs at the festival, including one completely unheard song titled ’Your Diary’.

Kapranos told NME.COM: “We’ve had a few new songs kicking around for a while but finding the time to arrange them has been a wee bit difficult. Today we’re going to play two of the new ones. We’ve been doing ’Can’t Stop Feeling’ a couple of times, we’ve done ’This Boy’ and there’s another one we finished writing in Prague three or four days ago, that’s called ’Your Diary’.”

Alex said that he is something of a festival veteran now, and first came to Reading in the early ‘90s. He also saw Nirvana play at the event.

He continued: “I’ve been a couple of times before. Last year was brilliant because it was the first time we played. We played a new bands tent and there were a lot of people crammed into a small tent, a real buzz and a lot of fun.

“I came the year Nirvana played. I just remember a guy in a Ronald Regan mask riding around on a motorbike, total mayhem! But it was brilliant, but it was pretty muddy. I remember seeing a guy with a huge Ned’s Atomic Dustbin tattoo on his back, and thinking, ‘You’re going to regret that!’”

Earlier today the Glaswegian rockers treated a packed out tent backstage to a four track set which included new song ‘This Boy’.

The band kicked off with ’Auf Asche’ before Kapranos, dressed in a bright red shirt and a striped black tie, roused the fans with recent single ’Matinee’.

They then played treated fans to uptempo version of new number ‘This Boy’, ending with most recent single ’Michael’.

Franz Ferdinand play the Main Stage later today (August 28).